Campbell cited on wartime fashion

Wartime has, in the past, heavily influenced fashion in the US, but this doesn't seem to have been the case with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The two current wars "have not been impactful," Kathleen Campbell (Goldstein Museum of Design) tells Associated Press fashion writer Samantha Critchell. Campbell says the impression may change with perspective: "I think we're too close to analyze the effects now," she tells Critchell. "It's much easier to see in retrospect." Campbell offers an example when she says, "I have often thought in these past few years, if Yves Saint Laurent was still alive and designing, he'd take the beautiful Afghani layered looks and interpret them beautifully on the runway. They wear a tunic over pants, a vest over tunic -- it's really quite beautiful and I don't think anyone has really picked up on that."

This AP story was also picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle and the Detroit Free Press.