College of Design faculty receive Imagine Fund awards

Several College of Design faculty members are recipients of 2009 Imagine Fund awards:

  • Ritu Bhatt (Architecture) Everyday aesthetics and cognition: An exploration of Tibetan Buddhist spatial practices

  • Blaine Brownell (Architecture) Matter in the floating world

  • Elizabeth Bye (Apparel Design) The integration of ultrasonic welder technology into apparel design practice

  • Renee Cheng (Architecture) Next generation practice: Documenting innovation in architectural and design practices

  • John Comazzi (Architecture) Balthazar Korab: Architect of photography -- a traveling exhibition

  • Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design) Wired aesthetics: New frontiers in clothing design

  • Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla (Architecture) Studies in fabrorum geometry: Stone cutting and its application in architecture

  • Cynthia Jara (Architecture) Archival travel for the forest hills experiment

  • Barbara Martinson (Graphic Design) Sustainable surface design: Reducing the use of hazardous substances in dyeing and printing

  • Steven McCarthy (Graphic Design) Intense ruby red: From irish blood to french wine, and back again

  • Andrzej Piotrowski (Architecture) Publication of the Architecture of Thought book

  • Julia Williams Robinson (Architecture) What is so extraordinary about Dutch housing and urbanism? An american perspective

  • Ozayr Saloojee (Architecture) (in)Formal architecture: Race, identity, and belonging in South Africa's minority communities

  • Leon Satkowski (Architecture) Minnesota buildings and landscapes: Field research for book

  • Marc Swackhamer (Architecture) Open source wall application

  • Leslie Van Duzer (Architecture) Beautiful misconceptions

  • Stephen Weeks (Architecture) Building the extra-ordinary ordinarily

  • Juanjuan Wu (Retail Merchandising) From the imperial to the modern: 20th century chinese fashion and design

Marc Swackhamer's Imagine Fund project is profiled by Deane Morrison writing for UMNews. Swackhamer is working on making the walls of a house a medium for exchange with the outside featuring movable "apps" or applications. "Different apps would allow the passage of heat, light, air, rainwater, or pets, and may be programmed to open on a breezy day, shut on a rainy one, or otherwise shift function as a resident desires," writes Morrison.

The Imagine Fund, created with a major McKnight Foundation gift with additional support from the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice President for Research, is an annual $1.3 million program supporting faculty in the arts, humanities, and design, regardless of rank or tenure status. The fund provides up to 250 awards of $3,000, which recipients can use to enhance their research or teaching.