In Memoriam: Norman Haines

Norman Haines (B Land Arch, 1980) passed away last year at his home in Rockville, MD. Haines "came to the University as a qualified surveyor and quickly established himself as a wise, no-nonsense presence in the studio," remembers classmate Jerry de Gryse (B Land Arch, 1979). "Norman knew how things worked and made them happen -- he was the first to attack any problem, organizing classmates and sharing what he knew, helping all to succeed while achieving exceptional results in his own right. Many of his classmates endured a winter's day or two as his survey field assistant, work that helped us to fund our educations and gave us a practical experience that has helped us all be better professionals in times since," continued de Gryse.

After graduation, Haines returned to his home in Maryland where he established Haines Land Design, providing landscape design and land use planning services. He developed a highly regarded expertise in wetland assessment, impact mitigation, and restoration, and acted as an expert witness in a number of major planning decisions.