Star Tribune features Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion

Star Tribune writer Kristin Tillotson profiles the current exhibition at the Goldstein Museum of Design, Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion, and Margot Siegel, who inspired the exhibition. "Fashion has always had a place in art," Siegel tells Tillotson in her piece, "Pop art meets fashion." "You look at a Sargent painting and remember how beautifully the subjects are dressed. Art has a place in fashion, too. You read profiles of designers and they're always saying they were influenced by so and so, the artist. They say that Dior used to check which colors a painter friend of his was using and then use the same ones in his collection that season."

Barbara Heinemann (Ph.D. DHA, 2008), co-curator of the exhibition, who has recently finished a dissertation on Siegel is also cited: "In the age of pop art, a dress could just be a dress, and speak for itself without all these layers of identity. The think she's [Siegel] proudest of is her ability to pick out, in the art world, what was going to be important before it was, like Warhol."

Siegel has lent one of Andy Warhol's "Marilyn" portraits to the Goldstein exhibition. Speaking of the pop artist, Siegel told Tillotson, "When Warhol came along, my friends said, 'How can you like this artist? Soup cans?' I told them he was the artist journalist of the '60s. What others said with words, he said with pictures."