Landscape arch alumni help plan storm water system for TCF Bank Stadium

Jason Lamers (BED '07, MLA '09) and Mark Apfelbacher (MLA '09) of Rehbein Environmental Solutions, Inc. (RESI) recently worked on implementing a storm water runoff system for the new TCF Bank Stadium.

The stadium's plaza will double as a storm water filter, and will employ the use of an underground filtration system rather than a holding pond. Mark Apfelbacher and Jason Lamers
Above: CDes alumni Mark Apfelbacher and Jason Lamers.

"The EPIC (Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber) System can be designed to hold rain water or pump water from the stored water tanks that could be in the bottom drainage area before being discharged via the under drain system," Apfelbacher said.

The EPIC System also has greater water treatment capabilities, as it is able to remove pollutants found in storm water - such as phosphorous - by filtering runoff through the plants' roots and sandy soil.

Another feature included in the stadium is Netlon ATS, a specially prepared sand that will help stabilize the turf grass and decrease the compaction of the soil, thus reducing the potential for the rutting and deformation of the turf.Lamers and Apfelbacher w/ stadium
Above: Lamers and Apfelbacher stand in front of the recently completed TCF Bank Stadium. The two CDes alumni helped implement the storm water system for the stadium.

As a RESI intern last summer, Lamers reviewed construction documents and assisted with the preliminary installation last fall. As a recently hired employee, earlier this summer he was again involved, now as assistant project manager, helping to coordinate all aspects of the job.

Aside from applying his landscape architecture knowledge to the new stadium, Lamers was also able to apply the knowledge of stadiums he acquired as a former full back for the Gophers.

"During my time at the U of M, I was also a varsity football player for four years from 2002-2005, lettering three times and gaining academic All-Big Ten honors three times," he said. "It was a great honor to go back and work on the new football stadium, both as a football and student alumnus."

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