Monday Minute, September 21, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

As you probably know, H1N1 flu has arrived at the University and a small, but steady stream of students have become ill because of it. According to the provost, there are still faculty members who are requiring doctor's notes for an excused absence though that policy has been changed temporarily for students with influenza-like symptoms. Use your judgment, of course, since a very few may try to take advantage of the situation -- people rarely have multiple bouts of flu, for example, so repeated or serial absences should be a red flag.

Also, according to our human resources director, Jan Batt, until further notice, the University has lifted the requirements for obtaining doctor's statements for employee absences for flu-like symptoms.

Graduate education

The provost has also charged two graduate education work groups to make recommendations on how to handle academic issues and student processes related to graduate education. The links below list the work group members, who will send out notification of public forums and other opportunities to provide input:

The finalists for the internal search for the vice provost and dean of graduate education have been announced and the public forums scheduled.

Congratulations, Jodie

Finally, I wanted to announce that Jodie Double, director of the college's Digital Collections and Archives, has accepted a similar position at the University of Leeds in the UK. She has done an exceptional job leading the digitization of our slide collection, developing the digital content library in partnership with CLA, and attending to the visual presentation needs of our faculty, staff, and students for many years. Her last day will be October 9. Watch for an invitation to a good-bye event for her on October 8. Thank you, Jodie!