Monday Minute, September 28, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I have mentioned in a previous Monday minute and at the all-college meeting a new series of themed, interactive dialogues supported by Tim Larsen of Larsen Design, who is a College of Design Advisory Board member. Tim wants to emphasize how design intersects with other fields to add value and create new opportunities. Tentatively called "Design Intersections," the series will have one event each semester, with designers and representatives from other disciplines in a dialogue about the consequences of design-induced change, with the goal of getting people to think about design in new ways and getting designers to see new opportunities in a period of rapid, unpredictable transformation.

The first dialogue, on March 18, 2010 at the Carlson School of Management, will focus on design and business, demonstrating why design and business need each other. But we need your ideas about future topics and speakers. We are looking for surprising combinations of people talking about key questions like: How should we prepare for the future, and what are the tipping points we should be aware of? We hope to create a provocative series that promotes understanding of design among other disciplines and helps position the college in new ways.

Larsen and the college have committed staff time to handling the logistics of these events, so we only need your best ideas and we can take it from there. Please send your suggestions to Lori Mollberg at Thank you!