Warners' Stellian features Solar Decathlon ICON house appliances

Twin Cities appliance retailer Warners' Stellian has an article on its weblog about the appliances used in the Solar Decathlon team's ICON house. Dan Handeen (Center for Sustainable Building Research) gave three Warner employees a tour of the solar house. Warners' Stellian was involved in the Solar Decathlon project and the article focuses on how well the appliances were integrated into the small kitchen space. "Perhaps the most strategic choice of appliances in the kitchen was the Wolf 30-inch induction cooktop," writes Julie Warner. "Each team competing in the Solar Decathlon must perform the same set of tasks, which mimic things people do in every day life. One task is to boil 5 pounds of water. Induction cooking is extremely efficient because energy is only supplied to the pot. And no wasted heat means water generally boils faster on induction cooking surfaces," Warner concludes.