Fisher cited in article on reforming architecture studio culture

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is cited in Inside Higher Ed's "New Blueprint for Architecture," on the changes surrounding the studio culture in architecture programs around the US. Architecture students have traditionally spent many nights in their studios working on designs. Recently that's begun to change as architecture programs move to more appropriately schedule project intensive courses and broaden students' education.

The article's author, Jennifer Epstein, quotes Fisher as saying the changes reflect "a trend toward allowing students more flexibility in their studies, a chance to focus on their areas of interest." Fisher notes that students are driving the change, having "grown up in the Internet age and are open to all kinds of knowledge. They want to connect things, move more laterally across disciplines."

The debate continues over architecture undergraduate education and the role of interdisciplinarity. "Some students want to learn design thinking but may apply it in business, law, construction, something else. Others may want to become architects. Our degree offerings should reflect these differences," Fisher tells Epstein, speaking not only as the College of Design dean and School of Architecture faculty member but also as president of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ASCA).