MinnPost.com offers extensive coverage of Solar Decathlon

In one of the most extensive articles yet seen on the Solar Decathlon, Jim Dawson and Devin Powell cover the competition for MinnPost.com from Washington DC. The article includes a video interview with Architecture graduate student Shengyin Xu on the design of the University of Minnesota's entry, ICON house. "We've skewed [the roof] to the north for a larger south-facing surface for [the] solar cells," Interior Design senior Shona Mosites, told Dawson and Powell. "And we've build it specifically for Minnesota." The University's entry currently remains in fifth place, even after taking first place in the lighting design category.

Popular Mechanics also has extensive coverage of the Solar Decathlon entries by a variety of authors. The article on the University of Minnesota's ICON house was written by Jennifer Bogo.

WCCO-TV published an article focusing on the lighting design competition. "Ron Kurtz, a lighting juror, noted that the U of M's home featured an array of LED lighting that was both intuitive and easy to operate," writes the CBS affiliate. "He went on to compliment the way the team used adjustable shading panels to provide natural day lighting."