CDes students help with Minneapolis garbage burner landscape improvements

Amanda Kushner, writing for Downtown Journal, reports College of Design students are helping with the landscaping and site improvements at the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center (HERC). Sustainable landscaping -- the first improvements to the site in 20 years -- will reduce storm water runoff and includes more than 250 trees, 1,375 shrubs, and 3,200 perennials according to Kushner.

A design charette was held in February 2008 and CDes graduate students Ben Beery (MArch), Cassandra Meyer (MS Sustainable Design), Matt Sand (MArch), and Ashley Sommer (MLA) where hired as graduate research assistants to work on the project under Virajita Singh (Center for Sustainable Building Research). Singh's workgroup created the "HERC in My Backyard" report in August 2008.

Sommer told Kushner the workgroup created three tiers of design with Meyer focusing on a green roof, Sand and Beery working on the sustainable skin and messaging, and Somer herself working on the landscaping.