Fisher cited in Fast Company article about Santiago Calatrava

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is cited in Linda Tischler's article for Fast Company magazine, "How Santiago Calatrava's Buildings Marry Engineering With Biology." Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is known for his biomorphic designs -- Tischler references his first skyscraper in Malmo, Sweden that was based on Calatrava's sketches of the human spine, and other projects.

"A biomimetic infrastructure is what's inherent in Calatrava's work," Fisher tells Tischler. "He has this insight that natural processes create efficiencies. I've had arguments with people who think his work is extravagant and overly expressive, but I think the idea behind it is really profound. Nature and evolution take things down to their most elegant form, no more material than absolutely necessary, but also build in redundancy. If every architect took Calatrava's lessons to heart -- that evolution is the best engineer and nature is the best designer -- and acted with that in mind, it would be transformative," says Fisher.