Monday Minute, January 4, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I hope everyone had a good holiday break. Last week, over 500 architecture students from around North America met in Minneapolis, holding a design charrette in Rapson Hall and a New Year's Eve party in McNamara Alumni Center. While our cold weather came as a shock to some from warmer climes, I found the enthusiastic response of the students to our city and our college and campus gratifying and a reminder of how much we have to work with and be proud of here.

Speaking of students, the education issue in the New York Times this Sunday had many items of note. An article on the 10 hottest new master's degrees listed several related to those in our college, including security design, sustainability, sustainable cultures, transportation design, construction management, and new media. Another piece featured sustainable shelters that students have constructed for themselves on or near campuses. And, an article comparing colleges and universities on student engagement, ranked the U, like many other large research universities, lower on students' "quality of relationship with faculty" and "time spent on extracurricular activities," but very high on "time spent preparing for class per week."

You might also enjoy the article in the Twin Cities Business Journal about Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine ranking the University in the top 100 "best value" colleges.

Happy New Year!