Brownell publishes Transmaterial 3

Blaine Brownell's (Architecture) latest book, Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment, is being published this week by Princeton Architectural Press. The third volume in the Transmaterial series continues Brownell's effort to inspire architects and designers interested in transforming the structure, spaces, and surfaces of their projects with the latest high-tech and environmentally friendly products.

Transmaterial 3 offers a survey of technological advances in materials with a special emphasis on new developments in the field of biopolymers and various agriculturally derived products; biomimetic products, systems, and processes that seek to emulate natural examples including low-embodied-energy and biochemically manufactured products; "grown" materials; nanoscale materials; renewable energy technologies; "second-life" materials derived from repurposed waste; and responsive, interactive, and transformational digital interfaces that harness pervasive communication networks and are powered by low-energy illumination sources.