Alm home profiled in Park Bugle

Lucas Alm's (Architecture) St. Anthony Park home is profiled by Judy Woodward in the Park Bugle. Alm's 1920s-era, 1400 square-foot bungalow is superinsulated and has "double-glazed windows, a partial solar heating system, a high-tech Triangle Tube condensing boiler, a wood stove and state-of-the-art energy-efficient household appliances." As a result, utility bills are under $100 per month during the winter. In the summer, the home's green roof of native grasses, herbs, and sedum keeps utility bills around $40 per month. "I treat my house as my lab," Alm told Woodward. Alm says that green home design has come a long way since the earth-berm homes and geodesic domes of the 1970s: "When you get that radical, it's just not that comfortable," Alm says. "There are certain styles of building and living that we're comfortable with, a certain vernacular of living that we need to respect. But then we can increase energy efficiency."

For homeowners interested in lowering their monthly utility bills, Alm suggests beginning by working with an energy auditor.