College faculty studying best practices for multi-use community development

Dewey Thorbeck (Center for Rural Design) and Marilyn Bruin (Housing Studies) are both cited in Taryn Wobbema's Minnesota Daily article, "Integrating coursework and research," about the University's UMore Park property. "Without academic mission, it just becomes another development project," Thorbeck told Wobbema. Thorbeck has been involved with UMore Park since its inception and says the property is the "University's unique opportunity to create a place where people want to live, but also one where it can 'inform what the future will be like.'"

Bruin told Wobbema that college faculty members are "studying best practices for multi-use community development -- communities that have commercial, residential, and recreational aspects." Bruin also noted that UMore Park will provide her students with an opportunity for real-world activities. "UMore Park gives me the opportunity to see how my work can be applied. In housing, that's very important," Bruin said. She also said her UMore Park research will inform her housing work in north Minneapolis. "UMore Park gives us the space and the freedom to test some innovative ideas; when we get it right, it's so impactful," she told Wobbema.