Goldstein secretaries show featured in Park Bugle

The current Goldstein Museum of Design exhibition, "How Secretaries Changed the 20th-Century Office: Design, Image, and Culture," is featured in a Park Bugle article written by Anne Holzman. Prelinger Fellow and Ph.D. candidate Midori Green, the show's curator, tells Holzman the exhibit examines "the whole material culture and art culture" associated with secretaries. Green says that during World War II women were recruited into offices as well as factories noting "we often hear about Rosie the Riveter, but we don't hear about these legions of secretaries." When the war ended, the dominant culture shifted, portraying the office as a dangerous place. "It [the office] became sexualized as we tried to sweep 'em back home," Green tells Holzman. "It was a negotiating of new sexual roles and boundaries, in the context of a respectable middle class."