Ibarra-Sevilla helps conserve 17th century Mexican building

During February 2010, Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla (Architecture/Center for World Heritage Studies) was part of the design and preservation team for the conservation of a 17th century hacienda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The team included historians, preservationists, and nationally-awarded Mexican architect Mauricio Rocha. The building, part of the Spanish Silver Route, was used for grain storage and sheep farming for the hacienda of Puerto Nieto. The hacienda was crucial in the consolidation of the city of San Miguel de Allende during the colonial period and the remains of this masonry structure serve as a testimony of these historic events. As an expert in building conservation, Ibarra-Sevilla is helping to develop a plan to define the parameters of intervention and envisioning the possibility of including the building in San Miguel de Allende's World Heritage declaratory.