Monday Minute, May 10, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

As this academic year comes to a close, I want to announce some transitions occurring among our faculty and staff.

Steven Weeks, associate professor in architecture, and Sherri Gahring, professor in apparel design and retail merchandising, will both retire at the end of this academic year, while David Lowe, office specialist at the Metropolitan Design Center, retired earlier this spring. And Robert Sykes, associate professor in landscape architecture, will begin his phased retirement this coming fall.

Meanwhile, Leslie van Duzer, professor in architecture has accepted the directorship of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia, and Tom Thao, the college's data manager, has accepted a position at Target Corporation.

Each one of them, whether retiring or leaving for other positions, has done terrific work in the college for many years and, on behalf of the entire college, I want to offer them our sincere thanks for their many important contributions to our community.

Several faculty will also be on leave or take sabbaticals this coming year. They include our two outgoing associate deans, Marilyn DeLong and Kate Solomonson, as well as James Boyd-Brent in graphic design, Marilyn Bruin in housing studies, Caren Martin in interior design, and Laura Musacchio in landscape architecture. I am pleased that the college can support the professional development of so many of our colleagues, and I know I speak for everyone in wishing them a productive time next academic year.

Finally, I want to thank those who have participated in the Pulse employee satisfaction survey and to encourage those who have not yet responded to complete the 20-minute survey by this Friday, May 14. The greater the participation, the better the results.