Monday Minute, May 3, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Lee Anderson (Architecture) as our associate dean for academic affairs and Brad Hokanson (Graphic Design) as our associate dean for research and outreach.

Given the major issues we will face next year, including strategic planning, the graduate school transition, and e-learning, among others, I thought that Lee and Brad, with their participation in the Blue Ribbon Committee, their experience with graduate education and research, and their knowledge of the digital world, would provide the leadership we need at this point in our history. Their appointments begin this summer.

My sincere thanks to the three other faculty members, Kim Johnson, David Pitt, and Leslie van Duzer, who pursued these positions and who put a lot of thought and energy into their candidacies. I think that everyone who attended the associate dean presentations learned a lot, and every talk raised interesting ideas that will help us move forward as a college. I also want to thank all who came to the talks and who gave me your input. Your opinions mattered.

I want to take this opportunity, as well, to thank our two outgoing associate deans, Kate Solomonson and Marilyn DeLong. Both did terrific work establishing the procedures and protocols necessary to get the college's academic, research, and outreach missions running smoothly and effectively. They also did a tremendous job building community, making connections, and leveraging opportunities that have created a more cohesive culture in the college.

I am also happy to announce the part-time summer appointment of graphic design professor Steven McCarthy as art director of the college's website. Our communications staff will work with him to evolve our current site to be as effective and visually compelling as possible, while we research ways to improve the site's content, navigation, and user experience over the long term.

A college is only as strong as our commitment to continue to work toward its betterment, and the willingness of so many faculty to serve in these leadership roles shows just how strong our college community has become.