Monday Minute (on Tuesday), May 25, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I announced at the faculty assembly last week that the provost's office has funded, out the remaining federal stimulus dollars, two of our compact requests for a total, non-recurring allocation of $565,000. Since our staff and a number of our faculty were not at that meeting, I wanted to announce it again here.

We received $415,000 to create a state-of-the-art Digital Fabrication Lab in Rapson Hall to provide digital prototyping equipment for our existing programs as well as for our emerging product design program. Discussions about what that lab will contain and where it will go have already begun.

We also received $150,000 to establish a large-scale Virtual Reality and Visualization Lab in the interior court of Rapson Hall, creating an immersive digital environment that every unit in the college can use. Here, too, we will form a committee of faculty and staff to begin planning this project.

Finally, we have allocated funds internally to redo the computer lab in 305 McNeal Hall. The University's construction management unit seems eager to do this project over the summer, estimating a five-week project schedule, so the renovation will get underway soon, for completion before the fall semester.

This generous level of support by the University of our technology infrastructure shows the high regard that the institution holds for the work that you, our faculty and staff, do. As with almost everything that happens in this college, it wouldn't happen without you.