College faculty, staff, and alumni present Curiosity Camps 2010

College of Design faculty, staff, and alumni present day-long Curiosity Camps through the University's College of Continuing Education. The camp sessions are designed to engage your mind and refresh your spirit by exploring an intriguing topic from a new perspective.

Reaching a Sustainable Future: Design/Community/Art Action, Thursday, July 15, 2010. Instructors: Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture), Virajita Singh (Center for Sustainable Building Research) and Jess Roberts (MArch, 1986).
Do you desire to live a more sustainable life? Do you struggle with how to make small but real changes that would lighten your impact on the earth? Spend the day examining philosophical and cultural ideas about living in an environmentally friendly way and discovering some real and practical lessons about how to do so.

Update: July 22, 2010: Reaching a Sustainable Future: Design/Community/Art Action was cancelled.

Chapels, Cottages, and Ivy-Covered Halls: Preserving Historic Gems, Tuesday, July 20, Instructor: Laura Weber (Communications).
Preservation programs such as the National Register of Historic Places and the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) recognize, and in a limited way, protect our historic built environment. Explore how these programs were started and how they work as you visit and learn about historic "gems" of the Twin Cities.