Dunne's smart clothing featured on University website home page

Lucy Dunne's (Apparel Design) smart clothing is the focus of an item on the home page of the University's website, a UMNews feature, and two video segments. Dunne's current smart clothing research focuses on sensors embedded within a garment to receive information about movement, position, or physiological states. For example, in the Imagine Fund video segment, Dunne demonstrates blending the aesthetics of a vintage garment with new technologies enabling kinesthesia. A dress's sleeves, for example, contain embedded sensors that react to being stroked by sending a signal to tiny vibrating motors that produce a visible shiver through the skirt.

"You can imagine embedding [a sensor] into a knee brace that might be able to tell you: 'This is too far,'" Dunne tells UMNews. "Or it could just detect what's going on with your knee all day long and then feed that information back to your doctor."

Video segments

Uof M Moment (audio)