Larsen interviews Fisher for DMI News

Tim Larsen, College of Design advisory board member and president and founder of Larsen Design interviewed Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) for DMI News & Views, a Design Management Institute publication. In the article, "Design Thinking: A Solution to Fracture-Critical Systems," Fisher sums up design thinking as a solution to fracture-critical systems ranging from the foreclosure crisis and the banking collapse to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. "We have so many vulnerabilities right now," Fisher tells Larsen. "Redesigning as much as we can, as fast as we can, and as resiliently as possible remains the most important task of our time."

Fisher sees design thinking as synonymous with abductive thinking, a method of logical inference that finds connections between seemingly unrelated data sets and facts. "Design thinking is practical. That's it's hallmark," Fisher says. "It's not ornamental at all. Design is fundamentally tied to producing something that's useful. And that's where the prototyping and the iterative process comes in. Design moves from thinking to making to thinking to making, in a continuous cycle."