Nunnally edits, Fisher contributes to The City, the River, the Bridge

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is one of the contributors to The City, the River, the Bridge (University of Minnesota Press, January 2011), a survey of the University's response to the August 2007 collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis edited by Patrick Nunnally (Landscape Architecture). Many of the first responders to the disaster were from the University and research and engineering teams from the University reviewed the wreckage, searched for causes, and began planning for the future. The book comes out of a 2008 University symposium on the bridge collapse and the building of the replacement. It looks at the ramifications of the disaster from the perspectives of history, engineering, architecture, water science, community-based journalism, and geography. Contributors examine the factors that led to the collapse, the lessons learned from the disaster and the response, the policy and planning changes that have occurred or are likely to occur, and the impact on the city and the Mississippi River.