Carmody cited on life-cycle costing

John Carmody (Center for Sustainable Building Research) is cited on life-cycle costing (LCC)-- the examination of the cumulative costs of a product, material, or technology over its useful life -- in "Evaluate this" by Jeff Gunderson for Builder News. Life-cycle costing is closely related to life-cycle assessment (LCA) which attempts to measure the environmental impact of materials and products from extraction to disposal. "An LCA is a useful approach for environmentally minded builders who are interested in specifying products and materials with relatively low carbon footprints," Carmody is quoted as saying. "LCC takes into account the total financial obligation of using a product or material over the life of a building. By applying LCC, it is possible to show the financial advantage of one product over another, given a certain time period. Looking at the performance of products and materials in a specific environment from an all-inclusive cost perspective, it can help builders and homeowners make better decisions."