Design Lab featured on University website home page

The College of Design's Design Lab (DLab) workshops -- held June 15-18, 2010 and July 6-9, 2010 -- are featured on the University's website home page. The workshops help K-6 teachers and their students build critical design thinking skills.

Participants received hands-on instruction from faculty members, graduate students, and other designers. Over the course of the workshop, the young students designed a series of gathering spaces that incorporate wind, water, light, and sound using sustainable materials including straw bales and willow reeds. Teacher attendees will learn ways to incorporate the design process into their curriculum.

Design Lab (DLab) students 2010

Design Lab (DLab) students 2010.

"In preparing our students to successfully operate within an increasingly complex and interconnected world, it is imperative that we prepare them with the necessary skills to innovate and solve problems," says John Comazzi (Architecture). "The interdisciplinary nature of design education gives students a range of competencies to activate and integrate their knowledge of core subjects like geography and algebra, or language arts and history, to solve a myriad of challenges presented to them."