Raab speaks at SCUP

Kristin Raab (MLA, 2009) spoke at the annual meeting of the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP), in Minneapolis on the importance of contemplative and healing spaces to stressed students, staff, and faculty on campuses. Also a public health professional, Raab did important research on the role of healing spaces in the ordinary landscape as part of her capstone project under the direction of Rebecca Krinke (Landscape Architecture) and now emeritus associate professor Clinton Hewitt, formerly vice-president for planning at the University and a SCUP vice president and member. She was also advised on her capstone project by Lance Neckar and Vincent deBritto (both Landscape Architecture). Raab's campus healing garden design was published as the cover story in the Fall 2009 issue #12 of SCAPE, the ASLA Minnesota web magazine.

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