Mao to Now: Chinese Fashion from 1949 to the Present opens October 2, 2010

Mao to Now exhibition (design by Liu Canming)Based on Juanjuan Wu's (Retail Merchandising) book, Chinese Fashion: From Mao to Now, the Goldstein Museum of Design (GMD) exhibition, Mao to Now: Chinese Fashion from 1949 to the Present, opens October 2, 2010 and runs through January 17, 2011. Curated by Wu, Marilyn DeLong (Apparel Design), and Mingxin Bao (Donghua University), the exhibition traces the drastic changes in Chinese fashion since 1949, reflecting the country's cultural changes.

Divided into three periods -- pre-Mao (1912-48), the Mao era (1949-77), and the post-Mao era (1978-present), Mao to Now illustrates how Chinese fashion began to increasingly meld Chinese and Western design expression after Mao. The work of four top Chinese fashion designers -- Wu Haiyan, Liu Canming, Wang Yiyang, and Zhang Da -- is featured. In addition to the items of dress and accessories, the exhibition will feature photographs by high-profile Chinese journalists and photographers to illustrate the differences between the periods.

A symposium takes place October 1-3, 2010 in McNeal Hall featuring visiting professors and Chinese designers. Additionally, the Friends of the Goldstein hosts its fall fundraiser on Sunday, October 3, 2010, 5:30-9:00 p.m., at the Ritz Theatre, 345 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis.

Image credit: Design by Liu Canming.

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