Composting in Rapson Hall

For the fourth straight year, architecture students have battled for composting in Rapson Hall studios. This time, Ben Strasheim went straight to the top, asking Dana Donatucci, Director of the Recycling Program for the University to continue this service. Strasheim is in the student group GreenBiz, and collaborated with the College of Design during the Greenlight charrette in January.

The collection buckets were initially maintained and emptied by Donatucci's staff. However, organics recycling for academic buildings was a pilot project and did not collect a quantity that merited continuation of funding.

The next year, Greenlight officers negotiated to continue the service, providing valuable contributions such as signage and analysis of composting efforts during public events. Each studio had volunteers that were scheduled to empty + maintain the buckets.

Last year, the studios suffered from fruit flies and malicious odors which were frequently blamed on the composting buckets, but were more likely a result of lapsed maintenance on the common sink area. To ameliorate the composting process, new buckets with tops have been provided. Also, new signage clearly outlines what can be included in this institutional process, as many items are different from what one could deposit in a homemade composting pile.