Conway+Schulte designed residence covered in Architecture Minnesota

A Twin Cities lakeside home designed by Conway+Schulte Architects was featured in the May/June issue of Architecture Minnesota magazine (the article, "Lantern on the Lake" by Phillip Koski, is not available on the web). The project was led by William Conway (Architecture).

The architects pitched a renovation, but the homeowners wanted new construction because the best lake view was from the upstairs bathroom. The original home was stripped of reusable materials and used as a training site for local law enforcement prior to removal.

The new structure has a unique "boomerang" shape as a result of required lakeshore setback requirements and a 100 x 18 x 10 footprint. The new home is a 3,000 sq. ft. stucco clad structure that offers continuous lake views through a faceted west wall of sliding glass panels.