Cultivating the creative

The first batch of the University's "Because" marketing campaign has been released, and among the initial elements in the campaign is one from and about the College of Design.

"Cultivating the creative" is a UMNews feature story that is currently running on the University's website home page. Rick Moore, author of the article, cites Richard Florida's 2002 The Rise of the Creative Class, finding that creativity is a key component of modern jobs.

Because creative imperative marketing campaign element

Because creative imperative marketing campaign element.

"The American economy is increasingly ideas- and software-driven, and most manufacturing, for better or worse, has been shipped overseas, Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture), tells Moore. "We are even more dependent on creativity. A lot of corporations in our area realize that unless they continue to be innovative, they will fall behind in terms of global competition."

The creative imperative is the creativity element in the University's "Because" marketing campaign. Both a 20 x 12 print ad (.pdf; 4MB) and an 8 x 5.25 half-page print ad (.pdf; 1.9MB) for the "Because creativity fuels the new economy" campaign are available.