Product design symposium featured in the line

The college's product design symposium, "Making, Selling, Buying, Using: Emerging Issues in Product Design," is featured in an article by Camille LeFevre for the line. "In the 1990s American affluence, branding/marketing/advertising, and 'designer' products reached a point of maximum synergy," LeFevre writes in her lede, referring to Michael Graves's housewares at Target, Martha Stewart product lines at K-Mart, multicolored iMacs, and the reinvented VW Beetle. She goes on to write about elegantly designed products that don't carry celebrity names and the College of Design's launch of the new interdisciplinary Product Design graduate minor.

With regard to the Product Design graduate minor, LeFevre quotes Steven McCarthy (Graphic Design) who also co-chaired the product design symposium: "Our intent was really to bring numerous, diverse disciplines together in the design minor."

LeFevre also covers symposium presentations by McCarthy, Barry Kudrowitz (Product Design), Daniel Jasper (Graphic Design), Marc Swackhamer (Architecture), as well as other members of the Twin Cities design community.