In Memoriam: Stanley Moe

Stanley Moe (BArch, 1937) died October 13, 2010. Moe worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Africa 1942-43 and was director of the design for several major military projects in Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, and Yemen for Allied Forces, 1942-43. From 1947-54 he was a partner of Moe, Larson, Fugelso, Architects & Engineers in Los Angeles. He was one of six partners and founder-shareholders of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, Mendenhall (DMJM), one of the world's largest architectural, planning, and engineering firms. A leading pioneer in his profession, Moe expanded architecture and engineering services to an international scale, establishing more than two dozen foreign operations around the world. His talents are also firmly imprinted on the US space programs, as he directed the design efforts of such space vehicles & systems as the Atlas, Jupiter, Thor, Titan I, the lunar excursion module, and the space shuttle.

He was project director of the Space Shuttle assembly facility at Kennedy Space Center in 1973; project director for the design of an aircraft maintenance complex for the Iranian Aircraft Industries in 1978; project manager for the design of a major medical facility program for the Saudi Arabian Minister of Defense and Aviation in 1975-76; andproject manager of the design of Boufarik International Airport, Algeria in 1983.

The Moe Scholarship endowment in the College of Design, established by Doris and Stanley Moe in 1992, supports one or two architecture students annually. Doris Moe (BArch, 1937) died in 2000.