DHA faculty, alumni, and grad student recent publications

Minjeong Kang (MS DHA, 2006; PhD DHA, 2009) & Kim Johnson (Retail Merchandising): Let's Shop! Exploring the Experiences of Therapy Shoppers in Journal of Global Fashion Marketing.

Jaeha Lee (BS Retail Merchandising, 2004; MS DHA, 2006; PhD DHA, 2008) & Kim Johnson (Retail Merchandising): Buying fashion impulsively: Environmental and personal influences in Journal of Global Fashion Marketing.

Miyoung Lee (MS DHA, 1996; PhD DHA, 1999) & Kim Johnson (Retail Merchandising): An exploratory study on retail borrowing in Korea in Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science.

Haewon Ju (DHA PhD candidate) & Kim Johnson (Retail Merchandising): Fashion advertisements and young women: Determining visual attention using eye tracking in Clothing and Textiles Research Journal. This paper was also Ju's thesis work.