Monday Minute, February 14, 2011


I want to bring you up-to-date on a few space-related issues. Since it looks like the new Bell Museum project may not move forward, Provost Tom Sullivan asked for a memo from me, addressed to him and to Vice President Kathleen O'Brien, expressing our interest in someday occupying a renovated Armory building in order to bring the two halves of the college together on one campus. This may not happen for a long time, but the Provost wanted to be sure that this request got into the queue for future capital projects at the University.

In the meantime, we need to make some internal space reallocations to take better advantage of the square footage we have, to address a critical space shortage in Rapson, and to provide more flexible teaching and administrative space. Over spring break, the Digital Collections and Archives will move to 266 McNeal, with its current operations in 244 McNeal consolidated in this new location and with some of the collection possibly moving to permanent storage in Anderson Library.

In the summer, Information Technology staff in Minneapolis will move to 63/65 Rapson, along with Finance and Hotel spaces for college staff who office on both campuses. We will then repurpose the current IT space in 109 Rapson as a classroom or conference room, with Rapson 69 and 111 as possible seminar, conference, or adjunct faculty space.

Finally, studios on the second floor of Rapson, currently accessed through punch-code locks that have begun to fail, will be replaced with either similar units or centrally controlled card readers. We will continue to look for opportunities to utilize our space more effectively and if you have ideas for how best to do so, we would like to hear them.

Happy Valentines Day!