CDes events this week -- April 25, 2011


Landscape Architecture Film Screening: Women in the Dirt
Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 6pm, 100 Rapson Hall
The Design Student and Alumni Board is sponsoring a private screening of the film Women in the Dirt. The film highlights the work of seven award-winning women who have made their mark in the field: Mia Lerher, Andrea Cochran, Cheryl Barton, Isabelle Greene, Katherine Spitz, Pamela Palmer, and Lauren Melendrez. Though each has a unique body of work, their concerns overlap in the realm of sustainability and enduring design. Their projects mingle awareness of architectural and landscape principles, concern with sustainability and safety, sensitivity to beauty and functionality. The scope of their work ranges from private homes to vast public projects. Register in advance at


Rapson Hall Courtyard

Emergent Green
April 19-29, 2011
Just how green are our buildings? Want to see the bigger picture of sustainable design? The Emergent Green exhibit takes a deeper look into 'sustainable' material production and consumption, examining material life cycles...from cradle to grave.

ALA Library (Rapson Hall)

Layering Time and Motion: Paintings and Installation by Joonja Lee Mornes
through April 29, 2011
"...the allusive nature of her well-crafted meditations [are] able to effortlessly shrink and expand scale, radiate and absorb light, and mark and move time." -Garth Rockcastle

Goldstein Museum of Design (McNeal Hall)

Smart House, Livable Community, Your Future
through May 22, 2011
Where do you want to live when you grow older? For many people the answer is "at home." This exhibition explores the housing trend of aging in place by developing products and adaptive technologies that allow people to stay in their homes. Curated by Marilyn Bruin (Housing Studies) and graduate student Jodene Riha. Made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

HGA Gallery (Rapson Hall)

Art, Design and Community Building
March 28 - May 1, 2011
In conjunction with the 2011 Bruner/Loeb Forum, which will be held in Minneapolis this year, this exhibition features a selection of projects which combine Art, Design and Community Building from across the U.S. Projects by the Rice Building Workshop (Houston), and the Detroit Collaborative Design Center (Detroit), along with projects by several other organizations who meld these disciplines together will be showcased in this exhibition.

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