Emergent Green exhibition, April 19-29, 2011

Just how green are our buildings? Want to see the bigger picture of sustainable design?

Em Green image.jpg

School of Architecture graduate students in ARCH 8565: Materials Performance in Sustainable Buildings will address these questions in an upcoming exhibition entitled Emergent Green. The exhibition will take a deeper look into 'sustainable' material production and consumption, examining material life cycles.

Emergent Green will be on display in the courtyard of Rapson Hall April 19-29, 2011. Students in the course include Becky Alexander, Angela Bateson, Tia Bell, Sarah Bloom, Sarah Bremer, Kamana Dhakwha, Laura Flynn, Andy Gardner, Brady Hickcox, Thea Holmberg-Johnson, Jillan Manns, Denisse Velez Rivera, Ahti Westphal, Matthew Wilkus, Chris Wingate, and Anna Zabinski.