Monday Minute, April 25, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Now that Spring seems to have finally arrived, for the time being, this seems like a good moment to take stock of everything blooming inside the college as well as outside our windows. When you scan the college's blog, which Laura Walton does such a good job in keeping up-to-date, the variety of things happening in the college is extraordinary. Over just the last few weeks, we have had faculty, staff, alumni and students:

  • Giving interviews on television (KARE 11) and radio (MPR) or being featured in newspapers (Pioneer Press) and magazines (Metropolis, Minnesota Monthly)
  • Creating exhibitions related to research (Smart House), teaching (Emergent Green), outreach (Art Design and Community Building, Remix student exhibition), and creative practice (June Mornes's paintings)
  • Leading or hosting workshops related to these exhibits (Remix Alumni presentation, Universal Design Retrofit), to the Buckman Fellowship (Claiming your Story, Leading from Center), and to the Bruner Loeb Forum (Create Design Mapping)
  • Publishing new books (Fashion and the Consumer, Gravity 2.0, Invisible Element of Place, Matter in the Floating World)
  • Writing for or editing journals (Architect, Architecture Minnesota, Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, Design Issues, Fashion Practice, Health Environments Research Journal, Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Journal)
  • Hosting lectures (Catherine Day, Julie Bargmann)
  • Participating in slams (Design in 7, Great Idea! Exchange, Solutions Twin Cities)
  • Holding an auction (AIAS Freedom by Design fundraiser)
  • Staging a runway show (Scrubbed into Fashion)
The list could go on and I apologize if I left out anything recent. There are so many events and achievements coming out of this community that we need to look up and, like the spring weather outside, enjoy the amazing energy and activity all around us.

The University has already begun to capture the liveliness of this place by gathering videos by and about us on a YouTube site. There are many more stories to tell about our work in this media, and I would encourage everyone who would like to have a video made of some college-related activity to contact Brad Hokanson about how that might happen. Until then, enjoy the viewing - and the weather.