Monday Minute, May 16, 2011


I want thank the faculty who attended and the staff who volunteered at our commencement on Saturday. While it felt a bit odd holding a graduation in a hockey arena, with our speakers on the jumbotron, the event went really well and our students and their families seemed to enjoy it enormously. We will have one more commencement in Mariucci before we return to a renovated Northrop Auditorium, so we're already halfway there!

I also want to thank Becky Yust, who will step down in June after 16 years as the Head of the Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel. As I said at the reception today in her honor, Becky has done so much to help make this college a reality and her department a success and we have all benefited from her editing acumen when it comes to policies and her attention to detail when it comes to procedures. We'll miss her leadership and I wish her well on her administrative leave next year.

Finally, at today's faculty assembly, I listed some resources for anyone in the college who witnesses or experiences:

All reporting remains confidential so don't hesitate to speak up. To make this college the best possible place in which to work, we need your help in identifying anything getting in the way of that goal.