CDes students create solar-powered clothes

Students from the College of Design (CDes) and College of Science and Engineering (CSE) teamed up to create solar-powered clothes for the whole family. Each garment includes integrated solar panels that power electronics in the garment.

CDes and CSE project.jpgThe men's jacket and woman's dress light up, the dress carries a battery that can store energy, and the jacket can charge an iPhone. The little girl's dress has a beaded flower that spins when she squeezes a soft switch in her pocket.

The project was developed for the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Show. The clothes were also modeled at the Sol Inspiration Fashion Show, an exhibit of eco-themed garments in the Twin Cities.

Student team members from CDes include Allison R. Danzl, Silvia G. Guttmann, and Sara E. Lopez Dziyana Zhyhar. CSE students include Akmal Arifin, Shan Seong Gan, Benjamin Lewiski, Yvonne Li, and Karla Simonson. Faculty advisers for the project were Rhonda Franklin, CSE, and Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design), CDes.