Amanda Spice hired as data operations manager at EnergyPrint

Amanda Spice (BS Arch, 2007; MS Arch, 2009) was hired as data operations manager for EnergyPrint. EnergyPrint specializes in the development and use of web-based software technologies that help property owners and managers get their arms around their largest and fastest-growing operating expense - energy. Spice will oversee the collection and input of energy data direct from utilities across the country. This information will be translated into energy cost, consumption and carbon analytics to empower commercial customers' decision making across their building's portfolios.

EnergyPrint collects and consolidates utility bill information for thousands of commercial utility meters across hundreds of utilities throughout the country. Spice will serve as the company's chief communicator with a significant portion of the nation's 4,000 utility companies -- each of which bills in unique "languages"-- gathering accurate historical data for initial client onboarding and ongoing monthly data collection.