In Memoriam: Pieter Godfrey

Pieter Godfrey (Arch, 1981-89) passed away on June 9, 2011, at the age of 53. Godfrey attended the University School of Milwaukee and the University of Minnesota, School of Architecture, with continuing education in China. His special expertise included architecture, historic preservation, building materials, urban ecology and sustainable living, as well as his love for the past and present city of Milwaukee. Godfrey served on the Board of Directors of the Layton Art Collection, Inc., and numerous neighboring communities to help strengthen and revitalize those neighborhoods.

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I am Pieter's second grade teacher, very much young (at heart) and alive. I would like to get in touch with his family as I will be coming to Milwaukee in September. I just found out he died. He was my favorite pupil of all time. Thanks.