Architecture Head Renee Cheng's Sketches Showcased in Upcoming Book on Saint John's Abbey Church

Renee Sketch Cover.jpgAs the Abbey Church celebrates its 50th Anniversary this October, a book by Father Hilary Timmesh, detailing his experiences with world-renowned architect Marcel Breuer, features sketches by the College of Design's School of Architecture Head, Professor Renee Cheng.

"We have been hosting our graduate student orientation on St. John's campus for the past 8 years, so each year I have a chance to spend several days sketching and working with our students," said Cheng. "Every year I find new aspects of the Abbey Church to draw, and I expect I will never grow tired of the rich spatial experiences to be found in and around the church. It was a pleasure to have my sketches shared in Father Timmesh's account."

Father Timmesh was a junior member of the original twelve-monk church planning committee. His book details how he and his committee colleagues "related to the Hungarian-born Bauhaus-trained architect (Breuer) who had no background in church architecture but shared their belief in the enduring quality of simple materials sympathetically used."

More about the book, Marcel Breuer and a Committee of Twelve Plan a Church: A Monastic Memoir, can be found on

For those interested in learning more about the Abbey Church, College of Design Dean Tom Fisher and Rt. Rev. R. William Franklin will take part in a panel discussion on Wednesday, October 5. Details can be found here.