Landscape Architecture Professor Krinke Launches New Mapping Spectral Traces Website

With colleagues from the University of Minnesota and around the world, Landscape Architecture Professor Rebecca Krinke has launched a new website for her unique academic-artist collaborative known as Mapping Spectral Traces (MST).

The trans-disciplinary, international group of scholars, practitioners, community leaders and artists that make-up MST "work with and in traumatized communities, contested lands and diverse environments. As part of a commitment to socially engaged creative practice, network members have worked collaboratively and individually on projects that 'map' the unseen and unacknowledged difficult pasts that continue to structure present-day social relations. Acknowledging and addressing this emotive layer of the present and the past in contemporary life - in our cities, landscapes, and in ourselves - is a primary concern of this network."

The new MST site hosts copies of the publications of the network, details of its events, photographs, and more. Examples of its work are also available to download. More information on MST and Professor Krinke can be found at the links below.

After several international meetings, exhibitions and publications, the MST network will be holding a symposium and exhibition at the University of Minnesota and various Twin Cities sites in October 2012.

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Let us see how this connects with what we are doing in the MN River Valley.