Metropolitan Design Center Looks at Ways Design Can Reduce Crime

Peavey Park in metropolitan Minneapolis is a notorious place in the city for it's frequent crimes, shoot-outs, and drug commerce. The Ventura Villiage Community in conjunction with the Minneapolis Police Department, hired the Metropolitan Design Center (MDC) to study the possibilities of curbing the crime scene while providing a design strategy for the park and the community. The intent was to design the park with a well-fitting program of activities in an effort to create a welcoming civic park place for the benefit and joy of the community.

MDC's director, and College of Design professor of architecture, Ignacio San Martin unveiled their project earlier this week at Peavey Park in Minneapolis. To read more about their findings, or to review other MDC projects, please visit the links below.

Peavey Plaza.jpg

Left to right: Ignacio San Martin, Mary Watson (Ventura Village Neighborhood Association), Bob Fine (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board), Bruce Chamberlain (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Assistant Superintendent for Planning Services), and Scott Vreeland (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board).