Product Design Professor Kudrowitz Launches "Word Bounce" Game App

WordBounce.jpgAssistant Professor Barry Kudrowitz, along with his partner Lane Phillips, a PhD student in the computer science department at the U, unveiled a new app this week called Word Bounce.

"Word Bounce is somewhat of a mash-up between Tetris and Boggle; you have to make words from bouncing letter balls before the screen fills up," said Kudrowitz. "This is a new interdepartmental direction for product design and it shows that it doesn't take much effort to get a good idea off the ground and in the hands of many users."

Through this partnership, Kudrowitz is currently in the process of developing sketching games and software as part of his research. You can read more about Professor Kudrowitz on his profile page.

More information on Word Bounce can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Word Bounce is now available at the iTunes app store, and can be downloaded here.