THERE Journal of Design Receives Award of Excellence

THERE_cover.pngThe University & College Designers Association (UCDA) has recognized the College of Design's student-run journal THERE with its award of excellence for the 2010 issue titled Craft. Craft will be exhibited at the 41st annual UCDA Design Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, from October 15-18, 2011.

"The Craft issue is the result of tireless teamwork, from writing and editing to design and production," said Jessica Barness (MFA, Graphic Design), creative director & designer for the award-winning issue of THERE. "We are pleased to be part of the UCDA exhibition, and it is an honor to receive an award for the work we are doing as part of the College of Design."

The 2010 edition of THERE brought together an international group of contributors who explored the relationship between ideas and making. The design of the issue stays true to its theme. The "craft" of each contributor is reflected in the individualized design of the articles, which are visually woven together as a cohesive collection of works. Readers are invited to make paper objects and contribute their ideas on pages dedicated to "doodling, note-taking, problem-solving, and other such creative things."

Entries to UCDA competition were "peer reviewed and judged for excellence in concept, design, illustration, typography, and printing, as well as effectiveness, quality, and creativity in solving the problems inherent in institutional design."

Alongside Barness, Steven Grootaert (MS Arch, Sustainable Design) and Kevin Ellingson, (M Arch) were the editor-in-chief and assisting editor-in-chief respectively for the Craft issue of THERE.

Last year, THERE won the Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals from the Center for Architecture Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to promoting an appreciation of the built environment through scholarship and education programs.

To order THERE, visit HERE.