Adjunct Faculty Highlight Creative Work

Adjunct Gayla Lindt.jpegEarlier this month, 14 adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota's College of Design took five minutes to present their current creative work and answer the question: "What is it you do when you're not teaching?"

Adjunct faculty are vital to the mission of the College; they provide curricular flexibility and bring their diverse experiences into the academic realm.

During their presentations, they highlighted their work outside of the University and not part of the classes they teach. The event helps develop a broader understanding of the talents and practice-based efforts of the College of Design adjunct faculty.

First place in the Adjunct Faculty Slam went to Architecture Adjunct Assistant Professor Gayla Lindt for her presentation of current projects, including an effort to preserve the original drawings of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Adjunct-OLIPHANT-cDes-Slam-2011-final_Page_04.jpgAdjunct Lecturer Thomas Oliphant and Adjunct Instructor John Owens tied for second place.

Oliphant's TOMOCO furniture system was described and demonstrated during his presentation by disassembling one of his tables.

Adjunct Owens.jpegOwens discussed the nature of drawing and showed developmental illustrations for a forthcoming children's book he is working on with his nephew Keith Owens titled "Lightspeed Carl."

Videos for presentations by Lindt, Oliphant and Owens can be found on the College of Design Youtube channel at the embedded links. A similar event with faculty discussing current research took place last week. Stay tuned for results and videos from those presentations.