Emeritus Professor Clint Hewitt Honored as First Hewitt Fellowship Awarded

Hewitt.jpgEarlier this month, at the annual American Society of Landscape Architects convention in San Diego, Emeritus Professor Clint Hewitt was honored with an ASLA Fellowship - one of the highest honors ASLA bestows upon its members. The ASLA Fellowship recognizes the contributions of individuals to their profession, and the society at large, and is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time.

Professor Hewitt's accomplishments are almost too numerous to mention. He has contributed 30 remarkable years to the University of Minnesota as a professor and campus planner.

"Clint is the embodiment of the climate of respect that underpins the everyday dignity of the University of Minnesota," said Professor Lance Neckar, head of the Department of Landscape Architecture. "He is a passionate advocate for the campus. He sees the campus as the consummate place of recreation in the classical holistic sense of the term. He has embodied this personal and professional intensity in a quiet, humorous and persuasive demeanor, unmatched in my experience here."

Through his dedication, Hewitt has greatly expanded the understanding of the impact of landscape architecture. His leadership has been celebrated through the establishment, by friends and colleagues, of the Clinton N. Hewitt Fellowship - an award given to students with exceptional potential in the field of landscape architecture.

Hewitt-Mensah-Crop.jpgThe first Hewitt Fellow is Keith Mensah, a first-year, dual degree MLA & Masters and Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) student. An active member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Mensah graduated from Augsburg College this past spring with a degree in Metro-Urban studies and a minor in sociology.

"Words cannot express how humbled, blessed and honored I am to be the first recipient of the Hewitt Fellowship." said Mensah. "Not too many people can say they have the opportunity to walk directly behind the path of a trailblazer such as Mr. Hewitt. We spend our time together learning the history of how campus has evolved over the years - from the basics of campus planning, to poking fun of each other for being in different historical Divine Nine African-American fraternities. There is never a dull moment with Mr. Hewitt. I wish more of my peers could have a mentor such as I have in him."

A native of Maplewood, Minnesota, upon receiving his dual degrees, Mensah wants to work with inner-city neighborhoods to better the aesthetics, help prevent gentrification and reduce crime.

"Inner-city violence led to the murder of my former roommate," Mensah continued. "Since that day I promised myself that I would devote my life to change the lives of people living in impoverished crime-infested neighborhoods. Through design and planning, I want to work with a highly recognized firm to implement resources and talent that inner-city neighborhoods need."

Anyone interested in contributing to the Hewitt Fellowship, can do so online here. For more information about the MLA program, visit them online here.

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How good to see someone as talented and downright nice as Clint Hewitt being honored by his profession. Well deserved and best wishes.